Stadium Mobile Home Park and Apartments is located in Key West, Florida on twenty-seven acres between two shopping centers, adjoining Poinciana Elementary School and approximately one block from the ocean.
Residents are within walking distance of grocery stores, shopping centers and laundry facilities. Key West features regular bus service from stops on perimeter streets.

The 278 mobile home pads are occupied by a mix of residents who own their own mobile homes. There is a active used mobile home market in Key West. Residents range from families with school-age children to retirees from all states.

Stadium Apartments features 82 residencesin thirteen building. Apartment types range from efficiencies to single, two and three bedrooms. Most of the residents are very long term and most work in the service sector in the Key West community.

Stadium Mobile Home Park and Apartments is home to approximately 7.5% of the Key West population
The office of Stadium Mobile Home Park and Apartments is located across from Poinciana School on 14th Street, also known as Glynn R. Archer, Jr. Dr. The office is open from 9 to 12 and 1 to 5 on weekdays. Inquiries can be made via telephone at 305-294-1200 or the web form located here.

This project also has three acres of vacant property across from doctor's offices. It is at the intersection of 14th Street and Northside Drive. This property has been variously planned for additional mobile homes, camper and motor home parking and an affordable housing project.